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Chris Mathews with some really nice Texarkana, TX slabs. 




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Best Of Crappies On SOA

The Transition Zone

Many of you have heard me talk about the transition zone. This is the spot crappies will hang out in after they have moved into creeks and coves from the winter, but have not gone up to the shallow water to spawn yet. This short clip is from an episode that explained the transition zone, showed how to find it, and how to catch fish that are in it. Hope this helps some of you find a few more fish in early spring.


This is how your kids spell love. This is a very powerful little clip. Take just a minute to watch it - you will not be disappointed.

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Still summer - dog days are upon us - keep running those crank baits. 

Currently (as recently as this morning) I am catching fish suspended over 31 feet of water in the main channel bends of the upper part of the lake where the river opens up. I'm running my Bandits on 8lb stren clear blue, 50' behind the boat at 1.3 mph. Fish are suspended just above the thermocline which is now at 17' - 18'. I look for the bait schools which are also in this part of the lake looking for cooler, higher oxygen content water. Same old rule for anytime other than spring - find the bait and you will find fish! I'll leave the article below up for a while longer. I catch fish on crancks all the way through October when the water starts to really cool off. 

Over the years I have tried them all. And quite honestly, they all catch fish. But like any lure, some just work better than others for certain species. And for me (and this is an unsolicited endorsement) the Bandit crank baits are hands down the very best for catching crappies. I use the 200 series for 6' - 10' and the 300 series for 12' - 16'. I use small diameter 8lb test line when I troll. This allows the bait to get down as deep as it can run. I use a short (30' out) and medium (50' out) and a long (70' out) cast when I troll. If I'm in tight areas where there is a lot of boats of stuff to get hung on I'll use a short cast. You can control the spread of baits a lot easier and make tighter turns. They may not run as deep but they are close and you can maintain control. 90% of the time I'm using a medium cast. At 50' out or so the baits get down to the maximum depth and I can still maintain good control. If I want to get the baits down just a little deeper I'll go with a long cast. I usually only do this when the water is super clear and the sun is shining bright all day. The boat casts a shadow and I believe fish see it and react to it. Call me crazy but if a 20' shadow swims over me in the water I get a little nervous ya' know... I put all the cranks out the same distance. This helps in turns. Make sweeping wide turns to avoid tangles. But they will happen, it's all part of it. I maintain a constant speed of 1.2 - 1.3 mph. This seems to be optimum for Bandits. You can experiment to get it just right with your favorite crank. Get a "plug knocker", they work. Trust me when I tell you that this simple device will save you a lot of money in recovered cranks.

I could go on for three pages on trolling crank baits. It's fun, easy and effective - especially in the summer time. I follow some simple rules when I'm trolling cranks in the summer time. 1) get to the lake before the sun comes up - avoid boat traffic and the heat. 2) Find the bait. Use your electronics to locate where the schools of bait or hanging out - fish there. For me that's almost always main channel flats 25' - 40' deep in the mid to upper sections of the lake. 3) fish just above the thermocline. In most lakes in the southeast that is going to be 14' - 17' deep. I run my cranks to reach just that depth - no deeper - not much oxygen below that depth. 4) Stay positive, move around a lot. If you do not catch a fish in the first pass or two - move. You can cover a lot of water in a day trolling cranks. Don't get stuck on one spot. 5) Mark your fish catches. I have found that crappies will stick to a spot all day long. Catch a fish, mark it on your gps, and go back over that area in a precise manner. Catch them until they move - then so should you. Follow this approach and you should be successful.   

You that helps you catch a bunch this summer. 

Best Fishes', 


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