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Last Killer Update - 8/1/13

Whoppers Of The Week 

 Robert Short sent in this picture of a giant black crappie he caught at a friends pond in northern Idaho. We don't many pictures form Idaho, but if they have crappies like that - I want to go!

Anthony Edwards with a really nice white crappie he caught while trolling crank baits with me on the USS Crappie Killer in July. His brother Hagen looks a bit frustrated in the background - but he caught his fair share that day too. 

Straight from the WB, one of my brothers from another mother, Josh Petty with a few of the crappies we caught trolling crank baits on Cherokee Lake here in East TN. 



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Best Of Crappies On SOA

The Transition Zone

Many of you have heard me talk about the transition zone. This is the spot crappies will hang out in after they have moved into creeks and coves from the winter, but have not gone up to the shallow water to spawn yet. This short clip is from an episode that explained the transition zone, showed how to find it, and how to catch fish that are in it. Hope this helps some of you find a few more fish in early spring.


This is how your kids spell love. This is a very powerful little clip. Take just a minute to watch it - you will not be disappointed.

Video Clips

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"Twisted Line? Here's How To Fix 

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If you want to trade a trip, just email me and I'll post it right here for all to see. I have been successful with this approach, it has helped me fish a lot of great lakes that I may not have gone to otherwise. You can work out the details with the person you choose to trade with. Just post a few details and what you can provide and see what happens. This is not a guide service! Just an opportunity for fellow crappie fishermen (and others) to share information and meet new friends - and maybe cut the cost and risk involved with going to a new location. 

I'll post a few of my own to give an example and offer a chance to come to my area and fish. I do not guide anymore so there is no fee and I do not carry insurance, you are fishing at your own risk.

Crappie Fishing Cherokee Lake or Douglas Lake in NE Tennessee:

Willing to trade a trip for any lake or river within a 200 mile radius of Johnson City Tennessee. I mainly troll for crappies on these lakes. I can provide the boat and all equipment needed for two people and myself. Or bring your own boat and I'll show you around. I stay off the makes in June, July and August. Any other time is good. I am available on weekends, possibly through the week with advanced notice. I cannot provide lodging. Plenty of campgrounds and hotels nearby with many vacation attractions as well. Contact mark@thecrappiekiller.com if you would like to trade a trip.

Small Mouth Bass Float Trip various rivers in NE Tennessee:

Since moving here eight years ago, I have spent several months of each year floating the rivers for small mouth bass. I can tell you that there is a good reason why our license plates have "where small mouth is king" on them I can provide boats for up to four people including myself. You need to bring your own rods and tackle. I fish the rivers form March through December. I cannot provide lodging. Plenty of campgrounds and hotels nearby with many vacation attractions as well. Contact mark@thecrappiekiller.com if you would like to trade a trip.

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Click on the big map above and it will take you to the US Water Information page. Once there you can click on any state and a list of the lakes in that state will come up. From there you can get a variety of information including some pretty decent maps. The "Hybrid" satellite map is my favorite. Click on the name of the lake and then click on the "MAPS" tab at the top of the page. You can see three different ones from there. Check this site out and I'm sure you will find it useful and fun.

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It's been a crazy year for weather here in east Tennessee. We have had a ton of rain. The rivers and lakes have been so full it's been hard to fish. I have only floated the river for small mouth twice all summer. Which is hard for me to take as I usually go two or three times a week in June, July and August. Boat traffic on the lakes have forced me into my summer time river fishing habits. But when all the rivers look like the Niagara River a mile above the falls and are the color of tomato soup, a man has to do what a man has to do...

So I took a page from my own play book and hit the lake this summer. I generally make two or three trips during the summer and troll crank baits with old friends or the kids to catch enough for a fish fry. Crank baits allow me to cover a lot of water fast. I can check out several prospective areas in a very short period of time. I select a crnk that will run just above the thermocline, which is usually 14'-17' here in my area of the country. No need to fish any deeper most of the time because the bait fish will suspend right at that depth unless some larger predator fish are pushing them. 

I look for balls of bait on my depth finder, throw my cranks out about 60' behind the boat, set my trolling motor on 1.3mph and start fishing. If I don't pick up a fish or two, I move on. Water temperature is fairly stable all over the lake right now. So I concentrate on areas where there is a little moving water and a main channel near by. But locating the bait fish is the main driver for me this time of year. I like the upper end of the lake right now, it always seems to produce better in the summer. I target flats mostly. Any flat adjacent to a main creek channel is a good place to look. Get your lake map out and look for these areas.

Since moving to Tennessee about ten years ago, I have really become partial to Bandit Crank Baits. A friend of mine turned me on to these baits and I have been using them almost exclusively ever since. While others do work, in this area of the country they rule. I use the 300 series mostly in the summer. On 6lb test line at 1.2 - 1.4 mph they will get down as far as 16'. I can slow up a bit and run them a little shallower if needed. The ones I use have the rattle inside. I stick to natural colors with my highest producing color pattern being black and chrome with yellow eyes. Pick the ones you like and throw them out there, they all work well. The wobble and shape of this bait seems to get those stubborn, suspended, picky, slow to bite crappies interested. 

Remember to keep your rod tips close to the surface of the water to get the maximum depth from your cranks. Also, don't let out 200' of line. They will not go deeper if you let out a ton of line. Keep your drag set loose because every fish in the lake will hit a crank. You never know when a big cat or striper will whack that bait.

Best Fishes', 


Crappie Killer

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