This page is a collection of big fish photo's, memorable photo's and member photo's. If you have a photo of an exceptional fish, please send it to me and I will add it here.

Message Board member photographs, Whopper Of The Week pictures and Crappie Outing pictures from the past are all listed below, scroll down to see them.

Monster Cape Fear Catfish are all the way at the bottom of the list.


Mark Gromlovits
The Crappie Killer !

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New Texas State Record Black Crappie
3.92 lbs 18.5 " Long, 17" Girth

Caught in Lake Fork 4/27/03

Mike Koepp's Pewaukee Monster!
57" Muskie

Herb Sneads Big 'Un
3lb 11oz Crappie  -  Herb and Dianne

Two Falls Lake Monsters!
4lb 6oz Crappie and a 5lb plus Shell Cracker
These fish are on display at Northern Bait and Tackle
5917 Roxboro Road Durham NC

World record Bluegill!  -  5lbs 7ozs
Caught by Amos Gray in 1998, somewhere in SC

Monster Crappie!  -  4lbs 6ozs
Caught somewhere in Alabama

Giant Largemouth Bass!  16lbs 8ozs
Caught in 1987, Alabama State Record

Greg Heath with a monster Crappie
Greg Heath with a monster Crappie he caught at Santee Cooper in 1988. This fish was 19" long and weighed 3lbs and 6ozs.

My internet pal Tony Jones with a nice Jordan Slab
Tony caught this fish trolling on Jordan Lake on May 17, 2000 using a Capps and Coleman rig. The fish took a white curly tail jig on a 1/16 oz head.


Past Whopper Of The Week Photographs

Sean from Michigan with a nice 14" slab he caught through the ice Dec. '03.

Sherman West caught this monster White Crappie at Sam Rayburn in Texas 12/26/03 on a shiner.

 Brian Allen and his fishing buds after a trip on Poverty Point Lake in NE Louisiana. 

Both of the coolers in the picture are full of fat crappies. Information provided to Brian on our message board helped he and his compadres' put a few of these fish in the box.

Matt "King Kerr" Guill with three 2 lb + Kerr Lake crappies caught in February 2004 on live bait in six feet of water!

Bobby Webb with a huge three pound Crappie caught in a small lake in Western NC, February 2004.

George Krulik's 4lb 5oz monster!

Mitch Travis with a true whopper crappie, 3lbs 2ozs. Mitch caught this fish on a slater jig in Lake Chotard, MS. This was the biggest crappie Mitch caught in 2004.

Pictures from Crappie Outings

The first Crappie Outing on Lake Hickory Fall 2003. Tough conditions made for some challenging crappie fishing. But everyone caught fish. Many of the attendees were gone by the time we snapped this picture. We ate good and shared some stories. A lot of new friends were made at this event. Can't wait for next year!

Some of the guys from the Spring 2004 Outing. We had quite a few more in attendance, but forgot to get the picture before many of them headed for home. Some guys caught a lot of fish, some didn't. But a big time was had by all. The food was great and the Lake Hickory RV Resort let us use there facility on the beach. Excellent! We look forward to returning in the Fall.

Lake Hickory Fall 2004. The weather was excellent with the exception of some high winds later in the day. The event was held at the Lake Hickory RV Resort once again. Attendance grew for the event as expected. The cook out was superb. Lots of nice crappies were brought in for the fryer. Fall fishing on Lake Hickory is always great. Next year should be even better.

"Wylie Gang" 

Group photo taken by Rango at Lake Wylie 2/19/05.

121 lb Blue Cat

No this is not a Cape Fear monster. It was caught at Lake Texoma in Texas.

35 lb + Flathead Catfish Cape Fear River May 2005

27 lb Flathead Catfish Cape Fear River May 2004

Big Blue 35 lbs + Cape Fear River June 2005

Monster Flathead 43lbs 11ozs August 2004 Cape Fear River




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